Apr. 10, 2024

HARRISBURG – Following the introduction of a series of bills to revamp and improve how state government funds higher education in Pennsylvania, Republican Chairman of the House Education Committee Jesse Topper (R-Bedford/Fulton), released the following statement:

“I, along with my fellow sponsors of this legislation, believe that Pennsylvania should be a shining example of accessibility, affordability and accountability in post-secondary education. We intend to deliver true and meaningful reform for our students, so they are better prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

“These bills would also entice students to stay in Pennsylvania to be part of our workforce while contributing to the state and local economies. We believe our plan is the best approach to deliver results for our students while providing a return on investment for our taxpayers.

“One of these pieces of legislation is my House Bill 1574, which institutes performance-based metrics to fund some of our higher education institutions. By using performance-based metrics to determine funding for our flagship state-related universities, we will be in a position to track the data necessary to hold these institutions accountable for student achievement while continuing to allow Pennsylvania students from all financial circumstances access to a world-class education.

“The need for performance-based budgeting is just one area in which we have found common ground with Gov. Josh Shapiro, as he called for such measures during his budget address. It is our hope that the administration will join us in this effort to bring meaningful reform to our system of higher education in Pennsylvania.”

To view the co-sponsorship memorandum for the bills, go here

Representative Jesse Topper
78th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Greg Gross
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